About Sandy Creek Organic Farm and Marji & Les Nicholls

A bit about Sandy Creek and Les & Marji Nicholls

Sandy Creek Organic Farm, owned and operated by Les and Marji Nicholls, is a community supported agriculture farm providing the local community with great quality, freshly picked, affordable, certified organic produce.
We offer weekly vegie boxes for a monthly or seasonal subscription. We also sell produce every Sunday at a stall at the Northey Street City Farm Organic Growers Market in Windsor, Brisbane.

Why we started...

Every now and then I find it useful to look back in time; to remember where we came from, why we set out on this journey, and to reaffirm our determination to reaching our goals.
In 2018 we mark 12 years since we set up Sandy Creek Organic Farm. .
We started with a plan to build an organic farm to grow food to supply to our neighbours through Community Supported Agriculture. It is a simple and straightforward aim.
We found a property that was full of potential. There were some problems. The soil had been depleted of fertility by many decades of conventional farming and needed rebuilding along with the infrastructure and machinery needed to operate a farm.
But we had plenty of land and water and natural systems that had been recovering while the farm was neglected.
We also started with the sort of energy that you get from starting something with a new approach and with a positive outcome in mind.
We have gone against the trend; we don’t specialize and we don’t want to get big. We have our focus on the ordinary. We plan to supply the raw material for the daily dinner.
We remain committed to the plan of helping feed our local community. For one thing, it is working for us. We are still standing, while many of the large farming businesses in our area have shut down.
The support from our community is growing. We have a steady stream of families joining us every month.
This is a journey that doesn’t end. Old farmers rarely retire; they just hope to keep on getting older.
People will always need food. I hope you agree with us that the best food is organic, fresh and locally-grown.

Les Nicholls