Farm Box Subscription Options

Farm vegetables
A Spring seasonal produce box

Fresh Organic Farm Boxes!

Fantastic value and nutrition. 
See the variations in the volume and the type of vegetables throughout the changing seasons!

When you buy a Farm Box subscription, you really commit to eating seasonally and to supporting your local organic farming community.
We thank you and commit to providing you safe, healthy, nutritious fresh produce.

Level Price  
Month Subscription Pickup $90.00 per Month. Select
Month Subscription Deliver Sunshine Coast $110.00 per Month. Select
3 Months Seasonal Pickup $240.00 every 3 Months. Select
3 Months Seasonal Deliver Sunshine Coast $270.00 every 3 Months. Select
3 Months Seasonal Deliver Brisbane $300.00 every 3 Months. Select
An early Spring box of goodies
End of Winter produce box 2017
Farm vegetables
A 2018 Mid-Summer seasonal box
Boxes of green vegetables
Packed boxes of goodness, ready to go!