Another Glasshouse Mountains country farm, with camels!

Jessica, one of our wonderful farm volunteers, couldn’t resist this selfie with camels when we visited the QCamel dairy this week. Jess is wwoofing at Sandy Creek Organic Farm for the third time on her second visit to Australia
This week, we headed over to the dairy to meet the camels and talk with Lauren Brisbane, the woman who brought camel milk to the Glasshouse Mountains.
We had several aims. We thought it would be fun, for ourselves and for our workers and wwoofers to have a look around. We are also investigating a way to share volunteer workers, such as wwoofers. And we took over a trailer load of grass from Sandy Creek to see if the camels liked it.
We had a ball. The camel’s were friendly and fun. They all had their own particular personality, and they seemed to want to meet us as much as we wanted to meet them.
Lauren impressed us by reciting the names of all the camels and their history. The camels come from Central Australia. They are mostly caught in the wild and then gentled on a property out west before coming east to the dairy. They all looked fat and heathy.
We have been selling camel milk for QCamel every since it became available, and we are happy to see a steady development of the infant market.
Lauren goes to great pains to look after the 80-strong herd of camels, They have plenty of feed and plenty of room to stretch their legs on a property of over 1,000 hectares.
The camels are managed according to organic principles and we are investigating whether we can help Lauren meet the requirement for certified organic feed so that the milk can be certified organic.
Our helpful volunteers all voted in favour of doing a shift at the camel dairy and we will find out soon if the camels liked our grass.